What's Next in Men's Grooming?

What's Next in Men's Grooming?

Men are becoming more open to experimenting and expanding their grooming routines.

What are the key trends that will drive product innovation?

The way men interact with the personal care industry is changing. Men are increasingly looking for grooming products that go beyond function and help them express themselves.

The following is inspiration for future men’s grooming that will become a new trend in the future

Personal care products for men, although not significant, sales of these products always increase from year to year. Changes and developments in self-care products for men are influenced by the following things:

1. Products that can specifically show an image of masculinity (men’s products)

2. Self-care products that don’t require a lot of time to use

3. Products, especially those related to cleaning and shaving

4. For young men, products with oil control and acne treatment claims are very popular

5. Further developments in deodorants and fragrances are also starting to gain a lot of interest

6. The influence of social media and celebrities means that masculine images are starting to diversify and be inclusive

7.Social media has also caused more and more men to take the time  to learn about grooming products and selectively choose products that suit them.

8. Ultimately demand is more segmented, product offerings for men include high-end skincare such as serums, moving forward towards base make up.

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