Contract Manufacturing Cosmetics & Toiletries
GMP Compliance Facilities
In order to deliver higest quality of products to principals, Malidas seriously invest modern equipment and plant design to ensure the hygiene:
1. lay out has been designed with full segregated by technology
2. fully finished with epoxy for ceiling, wall and floor
3. plant equipped with HVAC to control the air quality in which the air pressure designed dedicated by room function, mixing and filling area having the highest air pressure to prevent contamination.

Purified water plant
In order to ensure the condition of formulation, Malidas has already installed double RO purified water and its distribution loop. To guarantee the quality of water:
• the system was designed to ensure the absence of micro-organism growth by continuous circulating.
• on-line monitored by TOC.
• Selection of material by using electro polished SS 316 L pipes.
Hot and ambient Purified water as well as Pure Steam is taken as a standard for cleaning and sanitizing of production facilities.

Powder Processing facility
Layout designed with dedicated for people and material flow. The Powder lines competences from mixing, filling and packing. Filling and packing lines have been equipped with automatic capping, online check weight, top labeling and cap sealing, 1d and 2d scanner are also installed to support zero defect system.

Liquid Processing Facility

Layout designed with dedicated for people and material flow. The liquid line competences able to produce alcohol, oil and water based formulae starting from mixing up to packing. Flexible semi automatic filling machines for various shapes and sizes of bottle and tube containers are available. The filling and packing lines equipped with automatic capping, on line check weigh as well as zero defect facilities such 1d and 2d scanners.
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